Reflex Architectural is a recognized industry leader, which explains our steady growth in Quebec City. With a skilled team possessing more than 20 years of experience in installing window films, Reflex Architectural offers value that outshines that of our competitors. We offer excellent guarantees* on our superior products and a lifetime warranty on our installation.


Our suppliers and partners are well aware that we refuse to compromise on the quality of the products we use. Reflex Architectural is the exclusive dealer for VISTA and ENERLOGIC films, products that are renowned worldwide. They not only garnered prizes for excellence in innovation and technology in 2012, they’re three times better than the closest competitor. To make sure we always select the best film for the job, we use tools (photometer, Glass-check Pro, thermal camera) to gather all the information we need.


We provide free estimates, no commitments or contracts.
We will meet your needs, provide good advice, and produce neat, professional, turnkey solutions.
Your satisfaction is our priority because the best advertising is word of mouth!


*10-year guarantee for residential buildings and 5-year guarantee for commercial buildings.


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