Frequenty Asked Questions

Why is Reflex Architectural exclusive to Vista?

Vista, which is owned by Eastman, is the world’s largest manufacturer of window film, with over 50 years of expertise. As the inventor of inlaid tint technology and a leader in the window film industry, Vista draws on its technology to expand its product lines for related applications such as the ENERLOGIC series, winner of the 2012 Australian Business Award for Product Innovation and Environmental Sustainability and the 2013 AIMCAL Technology of the Year Award.


VISTA is recognized for manufacturing high-performance films and providing industry-leading support in the event a window needs to be replaced due to seal failure or thermal shock fracture after installation by one of our certified experts. That means solid support for us and peace of mind for you.

What causes furniture to fade?

A number of factors play a role:

– 40% ultraviolet light (UV)

– 25% infrared heat (IR)

– 25% visible light (VL)

– 10% various factors like indoor light, humidity, color stability of fabric and material, heating system, etc.

What are the most common causes of broken windows?

Windows can break for all sorts of reasons, so most glass manufacturer warranties don’t cover cracks.

– Impact

– Mechanical flexing caused by wind or pressure

– Structural torsion from movement or settling from weather changes (expansion or dilatation of the frame)

– Excess moisture buildup at the bottom of the frame, which can cause the frame to expand when it freezes, putting pressure on the glass

– Too high a temperature variation over too short a period of time

– Partial shading of the window

– Annealed glass (most common)

– Scratches

– Signs or dark lettering

– Any interior covering preventing heat from escaping (opaque curtain, dark blinds, shades, etc.)

– Snow buildup at the base of the window which creates shade

What are the benefits of installing Reflex Architectural’s exclusive ENERLOGIC* VEP35 low-e film?

– Offers high clarity with no oily or rainbow effect, winner of the 2013 Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) Technology of the Year Award for the quality of its metalized, laminated structure (

– With a 0.07 emissivity rating, it outranks the entire industry, including the 0.33 emissivity of its closest rival, the VE35 by Vista (exclusive to Reflex Architectural)

– Has an insulation value (R-value) of 1.7

– Increases the insulation efficiency of glass by 92%

– Reflects 76% of heat

– Provides a return on investment in under 3 years

– Through radiation, preserves heat in winter and keeps the room cool in summer

– Diminishes glare

– Installed on a Thermos, is more efficient than triple glazing

If I install a film that keeps out solar heat, will my winter heating bill go up?

Our clients who have had this film installed on their windows for a number of years have confirmed that their annual hydro bills have decreased despite increases in the utility’s kWh rates. When glass covered in this film is exposed to sunlight, it overheats and becomes a source of radiant heat. That means the room is heated by the window, not by the objects inside the building.

I live in a condo with a lot of windows. The sun is very strong but I have to preserve the building’s uniform look. Is there a high performance film that can meet my needs?

Yes. Enerlogic VEP70 and VISTA VS70. These films are 8% reflective, just like glass. These nearly invisible films were designed for high performance. Despite being very clear, VEP70 film lets through 70% of visible light, reflects 49% of heat and 99% of UV rays, and has integrated low-e using the insulating properties of gold for an emissivity rate of 0.09 and R-value of 1.4.


VS70 is another good option, reflecting up to 52% of heat and being barely visible from inside or outside. However, its emissivity rating is 0.66, so it’s less effective in terms of heat reflection.

How long does the film last once it’s installed?

For life. As long as the film is on the window, it will continue to provide comfort and retain all its features.

How do I maintain film installed by REFLEX ARCHITECTURAL?

Unlike conventional films available on the market, which will not tolerate cleaners that contain ammonia, these films can be cleaned with regular window cleaner. However, we recommend using a microfiber cloth and avoiding cleaning when intense sunlight is hitting the window directly in order to avoid streaks.

How much time does installation take per window?

Normally, installation takes around 15 minutes per window.

Can I install the film myself?

Installing film requires special knowledge. Our professional installers are certified, and their work is guaranteed, as is the product. If you do the installation yourself, no manufacturer’s warranty applies.

What is the warranty on solar film installed by Reflex Architectural?

– The residential film is guaranteed for life, and the commercial film is guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturer defaults (fading, delamination, bubbles).

– 5 years against thermal shock fracture

– 3 years against fogging (seal failure) on new windows

– REFLEX ARCHITECTURAL is backed by coverage of $500 per damaged window after the installation of solar film. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.