Réflex Architectural


“A film highlights and pulls your design together”


Decorative film = Visual effect creation


Create a unique look for your surroundings. Many films can be frosted, colored, printed, texturized, and much more.
These films give your space a personalized look and an ambiance of privacy with the translucent effect diffusing ample amounts of light. They are the perfect complement to any decor.


  • Increases privacy
  • Provides a chance to personalize and create a signature look
  • Can be digitally printed
  • Can be used with all decors
  • Diffuses light excellently
  • Comes in a wide range of designs
  • Can be treated with scratch-resistant coating
  • Is easily replaced
  • Can be removed more easily than through sandblasting
  • 10-year warranty


Suggested application

Restaurants, office buildings, conference rooms, mirrors, showers, bathroom windows, store windows.